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DenmarkxReader Crisis and Recovery (pt 1)
You hadn’t seen it coming, through the tears of humiliation and the snow that fell from the midnight sky you were virtually blind. You hit the tank truck that came out of nowhere; your seat belt – faulty for several months now – failed at the collision, snapping back and letting you pass through the front windscreen. You flew out and crashed head first into the red hot tyre your bumper had met, coming to rest left cheek pressed against the rubber, body twisted and broken. Your cheek burned and you felt something else hot drip down the side of your face, the stinging pain of the glass buried in your scalp surfaced through the initial shock of the impact.
  You were going to die, were your thoughts as the sound of the cabin doors flinging open and men jumping out reached your dimming hearing. You were going to die, in this ridiculous dress and heel get up, and he had humiliated you...
  As the burly drivers reach the wreck of your car you feel nothing but euphoria, and
:iconshinrei-yukimura:Shinrei-Yukimura 60 13
Mature content
Levi x Reader: After All This Time? :iconara-cherry:Ara-Cherry 199 41
My Little Levi (LeviXreader)
You are with your friends in the mess hall, taking some rest when suddenly "oi, shitty glasses come back hewe and tuwn me back" a voice of a little boy yelling at Squad leader Hanji "Huh? Did you hear that? It is a kid's voice right?" you asked
"Yes it is, but why _______ take a look what is happening" Connie said
"ok" you said and when you arrived at the scene you see that Hanji is running 
"Squad leader Hanji, why are you running?" you asked then she went straight to your back "_______ help me, shorty will kill me" she said panting
"what did you do this time?" you asked
"because eek-" she suddenly stopped and you saw a kid running, wait 'Corporal' you thought.
"TUWN ME BACK NOW" he shouted
"OH MY! Corporal" you said with excitement in your voice
"______? Are you alri-" Hanji is dumbfounded when you suddenly run towards to Levi who is running 
"_______, what are you doing?" Armin peeked through the door and saw you running towards the kid
 "CORPORAL" you shouted as you
:iconpyonpyonchii:pyonpyonchii 741 273
Norway X Reader ~ Shy
"Hey, guess who's here again!" your workmate teased you while you were taking an order from the old lady, who took always the same cup of coffee and a bun. You gave your best wait even for a second- glare to your friend and turned back to the old lady with a smile. After you had taken the last order, you turned back to her.
"What now?" you asked a bit irritated of her ability to disturb you always at the perfect moment.
"He is here again", the woman smiled knowingly and nodded towards the customer's side. She was right.
It really is him...
"He" was a young, about 20-year-old slender man. Though he didn't look like the strongest man in the world, he was handsome in his own way. His hair was semi-long and its color was somehow as blond as flax. His hair was decorated with a reversed silver cross hair clip. And those eyes, you saw them almost in your dreams. He had deep blue eyes, which glowed a unique, mysterious aura.
The man always sat in the same place, right next
:iconxxgiggledeathproxx:xXGiggleDeathProXx 733 304
Eren Yeager x Male!Reader
A/N: [I did a thing :| Ruby is my OC]
(y/n) = Your name
(h/c) = Hair color
(e/c) = Eye color
[You are now a guy!]
Reader's P.O.V
One from behind and one in the front....... I guess my life was good...... too bad it has to end. I sat there on my knees, waiting for one of the giants before me to grab me and crush me into pieces. But just when the one behind started to reach for me, the one in front of me punched it square in the face. I gasped as it fell to the ground and the other one kept pounding hits and smashed it into the rocky ground. I shakily stood up as I watched. The titan who attacked it stood straight and stared at me. Next thing I knew it picked me up and placed me on a roof top before leaving.
"(Y/N)!" I looked up and saw Ruby landed on the roof and run over to me. "Are you alright?!"
"I'm fine" I said.
"You had me worried when that titan pulled your wire" he sighed. "You have to be more careful!"
"I know, keep in mind I'm still in trainin
:iconztarly:Ztarly 258 52
Bunny Emoji-28 (Waving) [V2] by Jerikuto Bunny Emoji-28 (Waving) [V2] :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 269 7 Watcha got there Hong Kong? by Hetaliarules12 Watcha got there Hong Kong? :iconhetaliarules12:Hetaliarules12 10 2 Natsu Dragneel Neko... KAWAII!!!! by Kisara52 Natsu Dragneel Neko... KAWAII!!!! :iconkisara52:Kisara52 199 28
Mature content
Pokemon Ruby x Reader Grand Festival :iconkitsunekirara:kitsunekirara 126 70
Mature content
Norway x Reader - Costume Hetalia Heaven :iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 199 80
Request for otaku-wolfs-xD

"Cupcakes?" you shrieked, horrified. Your fist clenched around the used-to-be perfect assignment sheet. "It's the first day of school, and we're going to make cupcakes?!"
Your friend, Eliza, rubbed your back sympathetically. "Well, I know you absolutely suck at cooking, but at least it couldn't get worse than this, right?" she said with an encouraging smile.
You were about to agree when your eyes drifted to the seating charts. Then you felt like you wanted to die all over again. Your jaw nearly unhinged, not believing what you saw. "(y/n)?" Eliza asked in an concerned tone.
You grabbed the arm of your Hungarian friend, dragging her to a quieter part of the corridor. "I have to sit next to Lukas!" you whisper-shouted. A massive blush spread across your cheeks.
Eliza sucked her teeth, throwing her arms in the air. "Well, now it can't get worse." you groaned. Eliza raised an eyebrow. "I thought you liked Luk
:iconcoldvixen:ColdVixen 620 115
PKMN Trainer's Expressions Red Gold Green by Starmallow PKMN Trainer's Expressions Red Gold Green :iconstarmallow:Starmallow 823 272 Pokemon Trainer Red by betamax777 Pokemon Trainer Red :iconbetamax777:betamax777 1,399 132


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